Hi Everyone.

I decided to experiment with a members only page for our website. Initially it will be used to display information which is relative only to members, but ultimately I hope the page can be configured to allow comments by members as well. (I think they call that a BLOG?) I suppose ours would be a ‘BABLOG’

26.01.2013. Weather
The present spell of ‘seasonal’ weather has caused us all disruption in many ways, but in particular has upset our rehearsal schedule. I felt it necessary to cancel the last two meetings after discussion with the caretaker at Northowram, because of the parking situation there. She informed me that the car park was unusable due to ice which they have been unable to clear. That being the case it seems obvious that the pavements will be icy also. I do not wish us to be in a situation where our members are struggling with heavy instruments on such surfaces and risking injury. Hopefully there is a thaw on the way and although as I write I cannot get my car out, by Thursday the roads will be clear.

Thanks to those at the top of our telephone tree for helping out in contacting people the last couple of weeks, and watch this space as they say.



January 2013 Current Playing List (in alphabetical order)

I thought I would publish the new practice list here so that you can sort out your music before our next meeting. I have hard copies to distribute, but as we have not met they are still in my bag.

If you check off the pieces and find any missing you can let me know via email if you wish & I can probably email copies to you, or failing that I will make sure I have them for when we need them. Hopefully that would save time messing about distributing music at practice.

1. Abba Gold medley
2. April in Portugal/Spanish Eyes
3. Biscaya
4. Bolero
5. Canon in D
6. El Companero
7. Espana
8. Eye of the Tiger
9. Floral Dance
10. Final Countdown
11. Hungarian Dance no 5
12. La Gitana
13. Marchen Sinfonietta
14. Men of Harlech
15. Merry Widow
16. Mit Harmonika Gruss
17. Morning at seven
18. Panis Angelicus
19. Phantom of the Opera
20. Pirates of the Caribbean
21. Theme from James Bond & Goldfinger
New Pieces (potential to add more):
1. Boogie in G (not yet issued)
2. Henry Mancini in Concert (not yet issued)