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Choosing an Accordion (Part 1)

By David Tong Choosing a new accordion is like choosing a partner – you’ll be on intimate terms for a long time, and separations can be expensive. This two-part article aims to help you decide what you’re really looking for. Part … Continue reading

Choosing an Accordion (Part 2)

By David Tong Part 1 dealt with the basics of what to look for when choosing an instrument. This section considers some of the more technical aspects. (Click any picture to see a higher resolution version). Good Reeds Pay Dividends … Continue reading

Accordions from A to Z (Part 1, A to C)

By David Tong Learning to play the accordion is quite a challenge, but it helps if you know how it works and what’s inside it. This multi-part series presents information on a whole series of interesting topics taken alphabetically.  Accordion … Continue reading

Accordions from A to Z (Part 2, D to P)

By David Tong The accordion is a versatile and complex instrument, so it helps if you know how it works and what’s inside. This alphabetical series continues with more in-depth information on a variety of interesting topics.  Diatonic Accordion Diatonic … Continue reading

Accordions from A to Z (Part 3, R to Tr)

By David Tong Accordions come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties but reliable information is hard to find.  Now halfway through the alphabet, this series of articles continues to help fill the gap. Reed A reed is a strip of … Continue reading

Accordions from A to Z (Part 4, Tu to Z)

By David Tong Playing the accordion is even more fun if you know how it works and what’s inside it.  It also helps when you set out to choose a new one.  This fourth article in the present series completes … Continue reading

Hand-Made Reeds

By David Tong Reeds are the heart and soul of an accordion.  Hand-made reeds (voci a mano) are known to be better than standard reeds (voci a macchina), but real information is hard to find.  This article describes what they … Continue reading

Cassotto Revealed

By David Tong Cassotto accordions are renowned for their beautiful mellow tone but many accordionists have only a hazy idea of how this result is achieved.  This article explains the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of cassotto using the Beltuna range of … Continue reading

In Praise of the Metronome

By David Tong Since you’re serious about improving your playing why not try using a metronome?  If you’ve not used one before you could be in for a pleasant surprise.  As everyone knows, a metronome helps to develop a good … Continue reading